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Harmani Shante' Johnson was born in New Orleans and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she was greatly influenced by her mother and father who themselves are very artistic; therefore she began drawing and painting at an very early age. 

In 2012 she began painting seriously at the age of 15. While in high school she took basic art classes that would not really have any effect on her. So everyday when she'd get home from school, she began teaching herself how to paint mainly in acrylic paints. As Harmani did this, she'd start developing and improving her own skills and techniques from trial and error. 

In 2015 Harmani would graduate from Dutchtown High School in Geismar, Louisiana that summer at the age of 18; and create her company called Blu Magnolia Art LLC. She started Blu Magnolia Art as a platform for her original artworks. So by the time she graduated high school she would have had time to perfect her craft in acrylic works ;and began her career professionally as a self-taught artist. Harmani began doing so well that, she's managed to crank out at least 50 commissioned paintings through the year of 2015. 

Harmani went full force as a full time painting artist in 2015, mainly focusing on New Orleans themed subject matters, famous icons, and custom portraits. She made her first exhibition at the age of 19 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Zulu Lundi Gras Day Festival. Where she received critical acclaim and also received live news coverage from WGNO abc news station.

Harmani currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she constantly lives in Southern culture; which inspires her to use her artistic ability to create vibrant works of art exemplifying southern life of Louisiana. She also has a clothing line called "Louisiana Rich" created as a way to spread her artwork. "Louisiana Rich" clothing exhibits Louisiana's rich culture, history, nature, food, and arts. Her paintings has been building nation wide attention, which is the reason she aspires to open her own gallery in the near future. Harmani continues to create new art, and also shares her knowledge by teaching the young girls and woman. 

Harmani J. 

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